A Chinese Baptist Church in North Richland Hills (Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex) of Texas, U.S.A.

  • 新冠病毒COVID-19

    ** 確實遵照CDC與德州政府指示行事。 ** 若有來自疫區者請居家觀察14天; ** 若有傷風感冒咳嗽,請戴口罩並避免出入人多場所; ** 請常常淨手。 ** 學校停課或在家工作、學習期間,切勿外出。
    ** Follow the instruction of CDC and State of Texas.  ** 14 days stay at home for whom traveled from Disease Areas.  ** Please wear mask and away from public place if infected with cold, flu or coughing.  ** Wash and Sanitize hands often.
    **  Do not leave home when school closed or requested to work, learning at home.

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COVID-19新冠病毒已經傳染美國,達拉斯是德州的重災區。根據醫學專家預測,DFW (Dallas/Fort Worth) 達福地區的疫情正在上升趨勢中,並可能在大約在四月和五月出現全面爆發。政府呼籲大家千萬做好防護準備。

本地奮戰在一線的醫護人員此刻已經全面投入對抗病毒蔓延。不過,他們正面臨保護設備如口罩、眼罩、防護服等的嚴重短缺。有見及此,榮耀華人浸信會推出“為醫護個人保護設備募捐”(英文PPE for DFW, Personal Protective Equipment for Dallas/ Fort Worth)活動,期望本地基督徒及華人朋友共襄盛舉,以支援、保護達福地區前綫抗疫醫護人員。



  •   可將支票郵寄至:Glory Chinese Baptist Church, 6135 Holiday Ln, North Richland Hills, TX 76180,收款人GCBC,注脚請寫上“PPE for DFW”,以俾專款專用。

  •   利用Zelle電子捐款,請使用電郵地址 ppe4dfw@gmail.com 款項可以直接存入募捐戶口。(請注明捐贈人芳名與聯絡地址)



榮耀華人浸信會Glory Chinese Baptist Church


As the coronavirus outbreak escalates in the United States, DFW Metroplex has reported the largest number of confirmed cases in Texas. According to medical experts, the Covid-19 pandemic is on the rise in our area, likely peaking in April and May. Since it appears the worst is yet to come, the authority is urging the general public to prepare..

Local frontline medical personnel are using their full capability to fight the spread of the disease in the DFW area.  They are however, facing serious shortages of personal protection equipment (PPE) such as face masks, eye goggles, and protective clothing. To help confront and alleviate this problem, Glory Chinese Baptist Church hereby initiates a fundraising campaign “Operation PPE for DFW”.

We are calling for monetary donations from the church congregation and external
resources alike, for the purchase of PPE to be donated to the frontline medical personnel in our area who are in desperate need of them.

There has long been an admirable tradition that our forefathers donated their money and labor to help when the nation experienced catastrophic situations. The Church desires this tradition be upheld overseas. The U.S. has generously offered many needed opportunities for we as immigrants to be prosperous and sound in this land. Today, it is our opportunity to show our gratitude to the U.S. people by giving back to the suffering society. If you wish to donate, the avenues are:

  • Mail checks to: Glory Chinese Baptist Church, 6135 Holiday Ln, North Richland Hills, TX 76180; payable to GCBC and memo PPE for DFW to specify for the spending.

  • Via Zelle electronic donation. Please use this email address ppe4dfw@gmail.com . The money will deposited directly into the PPE for DFW account. (Please leave donor name and mailing address.)

Note that all donations will be solely used for the purchase of PPE. Upon delivery of the items, the Church will hand-carry them and distribute to the very frontline medical personnel in the DFW area. Donations are tax exempt. To receive a receipt, please leave your name, address, and also email. The Church will send out periodic updates regarding the progress of the project.

Scripture says: “Rejoice with those who rejoice; mourn with those who mourn." (Rom 12:15) Let us work together in the dark valley of death and hope for the brighter morning with the grace of God.

March 28, 2020
Glory Chinese Baptist Church