A Chinese Baptist Church in North Richland Hills (Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex) of Texas, U.S.A.

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會員手則/會員登記_Member Guidelines


        榮耀華人浸信會 誠邀

Dear Brothers and Sisters:
        Thank the Lord for bringing us to this church of the Eternal God, the spiritual home for Christians. According to God’s Will, every saved Christian should belong to a church and become a part of Christ’s Body. Glory Chinese Baptist Church invites you to join us, to worship, pray, serve, fellowship, and evangelize with brothers and sisters in Christ, and to receive the training from the Pastor, to build up the church together, and to spread the gospel of Jesus Christ.
               Cordially,    Glory Chinese Baptist Church

Guidelines for Glory Chinese Baptist Church Members




I am glad to join Glory Chinese Baptist Church as my spiritual home.

As a Child of God
I believe:
The living God is the one true God.
Jesus Christ is the head of the church, the only way to salvation;
The Holy Spirit indwells my heart and guides me;
Scripture is the ultimate truth;
Believers are members together of the body of Christ, united in the Lord.

As a Member of God’s Household
I will:
。Love the Lord with all my heart, with all my soul, with all my mind, and with all my strength, serve Him and love others as myself.
。Regularly and constantly attend church to worship God.
。Receive counsel from the church pastors and educational training. Be a disciple of Christ and a messenger of the gospel.
。Be faithful to all God’s household, as a good steward of God’s grace. Care for church ministry and serve enthusiastically.
。In sincere fellowship with brothers and sisters, caring, supporting, and praying for one another.
。Keep daily devotion and Bible reading. Pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances, and build up my family in Christ.
。Give cheerfully according to the teaching of Scripture to support church ministry.


Membership Application/Register Form


  1. 本登記表每人一份(家庭成員均請個別填寫),請本人親自填妥後直接交給牧師,由牧師密存,除執事會外,不得公開。
  2. 登記加入教會,意指願以本教會為個人屬靈的家,願固定在本教會與眾弟兄姊妹同心敬拜、聚會、事奉,與團契。
  3. 已受浸、已登記、十八足歲,固定聚會達六個月,有議事表決權及選舉權;入會逾二年,有被選舉權。
  4. 住址、電話、Email等資料,經當事人同意後,方可刊載於教會肢體關懷名錄(會友通訊名錄),並嚴禁移作它用。
  5. 裝備,請填註曾接受過的訓練。事奉:請填註曾參與過的教會事奉,以及有意願或有興趣參與的教會事奉等

Registration Instructions: (press here to download Register Form)

  1. Each person should fill out one Registration individually, then give it directly to Pastor; he will keep the information confidential. The information will not be shown to anyone, except to the deacons.
  2. Registering to join the church is to join Glory Chinese Baptist Church as your spiritual home and to worship, fellowship, and serve with brothers and sisters.
  3. Those who are already baptized, registered, 18 years or old, and has been regular attendant for at least 6 months are eligible church voters. However, you must have been in the church for at least 2 years to be nominated.
  4. Your address, telephone, email, etc. will be published in a Church Directory after your consent. It will not be used for any other purpose.
  5. Training: Please fill out the training you have received. Service: Please record the services you have done and the ones in which you are interested.


榮耀華人浸信會舉行婚禮暫行原則   4-14-2013
Wedding Policy_Temporary   Apr. 14, 2013 

婚禮申請表 Wedding Reservation Form

Waiver and Release of Liability Form