A Chinese Baptist Church in North Richland Hills (Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex) of Texas, U.S.A.

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    Our church Sunday service, Sunday School, Love Meal, Prayer Meeting, Women Group are in-person gathering.  Request Face Mask, Sanitize hands, keep distance. 

認識我們 About Us


  感謝主,因著上帝的選召與引領,教會起初是由幾個家庭、留學生,及神的僕人與使女開始,以東北泰侖郡爲福音工場,並服事華人爲目標。2002年十月北遷North Richland Hills,如今已有更多弟兄姊妹同心委身在本教會。



  Our church, Glory Chinese Baptist Church, was established in 1999, on the first Sunday of October, in Fort Worth.

  Thank the Lord that He has called several families, international students, and His servants to start the church, and that He has guided them to the Chinese community in Northeast Tarrant County as the mission field. In October 2002, the church moved to North Richland Hills, and now, there are even more brothers and sisters committed to this church.

  God gave to us a vision of building up a church for Him. With the vision we started the church building plan in the year of 2006, and purchased a piece of land, which is located in the center of northeast Tarrant County, in the same year. Then we began the architectural design. We finalized the blueprint, dimension, and funding in 2009, and broke the ground. The construction was completed on October 2011, and the first worship service was held on 11/6/2011.  Seemingly unimaginable, but nothing is impossible to God Almighty. This is the awesome work of God upon us as a reward. Hallelujah. Glory to God in the highest!

  We would like to worship, serve, and fellowship together with Christians, and we also would like to share God’s salvation with seekers, because of the need for salvation and Biblical truth. 


  Rev. Warren Wang was our first pastor, current pastor of Chinese Baptist Church of West Los Angeles at Los Angeles, California. www.cbcwla.org


   Rev. Solomon Liu is our pastor since August 1st. 2003. He was the pastor of Taipei Hsi-Lin Baptist Church from October 1999 to June 2003, and graduated from Taiwan Baptist Theological Seminary with degrees of Master of Divinity and Bachelor of Church Education. 

  從前引導你們,傳 神之道給你們的人,你們要想念他們,效法他們的信心,留心看他們為人的結局。 —- 希伯來書13:7
  Remember your leaders, who spoke the word of God to you. Consider the outcome of their way of life and imitate their faith. —- Hebrews 13:7

  感謝 神,這是一所蒙 神親自保守帶領的教會,過去、現在, 神都差遣祂的僕人與使女幫助我們,在我們中間事奉、建造,我們也常在禱告中記念他們:
  Praise God for He has been leading and watching over this church. He has continuously sent servants to minister and build the church. We also remember them in prayer:

王文堂牧師伉儷 Rev. & Mrs. Warren Wang, 1999~2001 (現任洛杉磯西區華語浸信會牧師Chinese Baptist Church of West Los Angles)
麥耀光牧師伉儷 Rev. & Mrs. Joshua Mak, 1999~2001 (現任香港建道神學院教授Allianece Bible Seminary, Hong Kong)
洪沛然牧師伉儷 Rev. & Mrs. Albert Hung, 1999~2001, 2005~2006 (現任台灣浸信會神學院教授)
劉光啟牧師伉儷 Rev. & Mrs. Frank Liu, 2000~2002 (現任台灣浸信會神學院教授)
郭必輝牧師伉儷 Rev. & Mrs. Jeffery Kwok, 2001~2003 (現任宣教士)
阮凱文姊妹   Sis. Karen Yuan, 2001~2008 (現任台灣浸信會神學院教授)
池峈峰傳道伉儷 Pastor & Mrs. Peter Tie, 2002~2003 (現任加州基督工人神學院教授Christian Witness Theological Seminary, San Jose, CA)
許中良弟兄伉儷 Bro. & Mrs. David Hsu, 2002~2003 (2013.3.3在台北淡水創建沙崙信心聖經教會)
卜現法牧師伉儷 Rev. & Mrs. Timothy Pu, 2002~
劉再生牧師伉儷 Rev. & Mrs. Solomon Liu, 2003~ (current pastor)
張治壽牧師伉儷 Rev. & Mrs. Amos Chang, 2004~2017 (現在台灣浸信會神學院任職)
麥敬堂弟兄   Bro. Vaughn Mak, 2005~2008  (現任香港浸會大學教授Hong Kong Baptist University)
林榮華牧師伉儷 Rev. & Mrs. Jefferson Lin, 2006~2008 (現在北加州睿理文神學院 Relevant Theological Institute)
黃智優傳道伉儷 Pastor & Mrs. Joseph Huang, 2006~2008 (現任鐘縣華人浸信會牧師 Belton Chinese Baptist Church)
余重慶弟兄伉儷 Bro. & Mrs. ChungChing Yu, 2007~2009 (現任奧城華人浸信會牧師 Oklahoma City Chinese Baptist Church)
郭銘先弟兄伉儷 Bro. & Mrs. Matthew Kwok, 2008~2010  (現在加拿大溫哥華事奉Youth Pastor of Chinese Grace Mennonite Church in Vancouver)
王 鴻傳道   Pastor Joshua Ong, 2010~2012 (現任紐約賴神浸信教會Trust In God Baptist Church英語部牧者)
黃得勝弟兄   Brother Victor Huang, 2012~2014 ( Victory Fellowship, California, Worship Director)
孫守聖傳道伉儷 Pastor Samuel Sun, 2013~2016 (現在台灣開拓英語福音事工)
方榮蘭姊妹   Sister Elizabeth Fang, 2014~2015 (現在日本Ministries in Japan)


Our Local Mission Field

 德州, 東北泰倫郡, 位於福和市東北
NorthEast Tarrant County
in northeast of Fort Worth, Texas

  We are the membership of conventions as below, associate in the ministries of the Great Mission of Christ.

  。美南浸信會聯會 (SBC) Southern Baptist Convention
  。德州浸信會聯會 (BGCT) Baptist General Convention of Texas
  。泰倫郡浸信會聯會 (TBA) Tarrant Baptist Association
  。美加華人浸信會聯會 (CBF) Chinese Baptist Fellowship of the United States and Canada
  。美西南華人浸信會聯會 (SWCBC) Southwest Chinese Baptist Association
  。德州華人浸信會聯會 (CBFT) Chinese Baptist Fellowship of Texas
  。達福地區華人浸信會聯合事工籌備會 DFW Chinese Baptist Church Joint Ministries